Why is Smart Bleach 3LT gel better than many other

in-surgery teeth whitening systems on the market?

1. The pH of 3LT gel after activation breaks down to alkaline and not acid.

This means no etching of the enamel (safety and protection) and natural looking results. It also means there is no bounce-back of the colour as etched teeth minerals themselves over the course of 3-5 days.

Because of this etching effect most dentists send patients home with take home kits to cover the effect of the bounce back, further compromising the integrity of the enamel.

2. 3LT runs on 3 cycles of 9minutes which totals 27min operating time.

This means a faster treatment time with less strain to the patient’s busy schedule. Many other systems may require a minimum of 3 cycles of 15mins. 


3. The 3LT gel is applied only once. 

4. The 3LT light does not deposit heat to break down the gel.

Hence heat related sensitivity is not present and a more comfortable treatment with less risk of dehydration (again more natural results). 

5. The 3LT gel has 36% hydrogen peroxide where other systems are around 25%.

Hence the reason for reasonably quicker treatment. This concentration of 25-36% hydrogen peroxide needs to be treated with care to avoid burns to patients. This a very good reason why outside of the dental surgery setting teeth whitening in places such as shopping malls, beautician shops or hairdressers’ corners, the procedure is not allowed to take place for the shake of safety to the public.

A case study

The natural enamel looking immediately after the procedure unlike other products where the enamel looks chalky white possibly due to acidic products.

Before and after illustrated below.

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